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Ms. Andrea Davie

Wednesday, Feb. 12

health & gym tomorrow

-2D February newsletter come home 

- Valentine names sent home today

-Friday is red, white, pink day - dress up nicely or silly

-Congrats to Ben and Xander who both participated at the Tweed Legion Sunday for public speaker.  Ben won first place, he'll move on to another competition. I am so proud of both boys for all there hard work.

Feb. 7

What a very different, kind of crazy week. 

School is back in Wednesday, Feb. 12.

Time math test and subtraction will be that day. 

We have started looking more closely at characters in fiction stories we read. We will continue with learning about character traits and making connections to those neat characters we encounter for an adventure in the story.

Wed. January 5

Friday will be a test on time and subtraction.  Students are to show they can read analogue clocks to the half hour, quarter after and quarter to. They also need to be able to draw those times, remember where the hour hand has to point. Students are also figuring out elapsed time. If school started at 9:15 and we have recess at 11:15, how long is it till recess.

Friday will be library day.

Next week it is Monday and Tuesday of no school due to rotating and province wide strikes.

When school resumes, there will be a social studies test. We have been reviewing: the names and locations of 7 continents and 5 oceans. Also, what are the 8 directions of a compass rose and how can they move around a map using those directions.Blue duotangs will be coming home to help to study.

Wed. January 29

We are working at quarter past, half past and quarter to - the digit time writing is :15, :30 or :45  we're still practicing but please chat lots. The test wil be next week.

Drama & library books for tomorrow

This week we have been looking at advertisements. Knowing the difference between the Brand and the product it is selling.  Also what symbol or slogan/jingle does with certain brands. We found "i'm loving it" for Macdonald's and "taste the rainbow" for skittles.

can you find out the slogan/jingle for Coke, Rice Crispees, and pizza hut?

Monday, Jan. 27

No school tomorrow.

Geometry 3D test coming home. So proud of the results. Thanks for helping your child study.

Subtracting quick facts from 20 below. Homework page coming home due Wednesday. What strategy works best to do it accurately and then with more speed? What's the rule to subtract 0? What if you are subtracting the same number? The answer is always 0  ex: 9-9 =0

Some great writing from Marker Monday work is coming home. Students are writing: poems, signs, diagrams, stories, cartoons, etc.

gym and health on Wednesday

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