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Ms. Andrea Davie

Monday, Nov. 18

Looking forward to discussion your child's progress report this week.

Health and gym

Trip forms are due this week.

Great presentation "From Farm to Table - Moo to milk" - ask your child how they made butter? What is the sequence of events from milking the cow to drinking a galss at home?

Thursday, Nov. 14

Sorry to be getting this in so late, but you will read it by tomorrow night.

Exciting morning. Captain Davie (my dad) face timed 2D and answered the last few questions we had from our inquiry around Remembrance Day. Your child should be able to explain all kinds of information. If you ever get a chance to visit Ottawa, make a stop at the memorial near the parliament buildings as well as visiting the famous Teddy bear in the war museum.

Gym  & pattern homework due - math quiz about patterns

Tues. Nov. 12


library book due

We are working on number growing patterns - this is figuring out how the pattern is skip counting - by 2's, 3, 4, 5, or 10.  Multiples is our new word - multiples of 3 are the numbers you land on when skip counting by 3's   Practice doing these orally from 3 to 33, and 4 to 44, 

Monday, Nov. 11

Your child did a wonderful job at our school Remembrance Day assembly this morning. Thanks to any parents who were able to attend.


Friday's math quiz coming home. Repeating patterns seemed to be forgotten by some. Others are struggling with growing object patterns.  Number patterns are next (counting by 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, and 10's from any number to 100 is the expectation.

Dress well for being in the cold and out in the snow.

Friday, Nov. 8

A great practice for our assembly today. Students were excellent to miss their gym period to practice.  Just a reminder to some that everyone sees them when they are up front.

practice the song and your lines if you are speaking in the assembly

If you are coming to the assembly. We'll start by 9:45.  Check out your child's work on the window and bulletin board outside our class room.

Ask about Teddy and the wonderful story we read about today "A bear in war"

Music & a presentation by a guest about Dairy (from Cow to table) on Monday

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