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Ms. Andrea Davie

Thursday Jan. 16

we are following our instructions to make ice cream sundaes 

math sheets  - both sides due Monday. We have done a lot with regrouping and learning our facts. Students are encouraged to do quick flash adding with playing cards


Wed. January 15

We continue to enjoy each others' presentations.  Please know that treats are not required.

Congrats on writing your "How to make a sundae" procedure.  Everyone did really well to make sure they followed the criteria we came up. Your child will be making their sundae, using their instructions Friday afternoon during our ice cream party from December. 

Library books are due tomorrow.

Monday, Jan. 13

Thank you for all your hard work presenters. It pays off. Today's were excellent. 

We're writing our last procedure "how to" instructions. Ask your child what the criteria is for writing instructions properly.

3D solids were explored today. Practice at home naming, counting the faces, edges, and vertices using items around the house.Touching and counting is easier for practicing.

Mappying skills starting  in Dec. We continued today with the world map. Your child needs to be able to name and locate the 7 continents.  

Lots of practice. Thanks for your help. The math sheet did not get sent home last week. It'll be later this week so you have a weekend to do it. 


Thursday, Jan. 9

Work on projects - first four students present Monday morning.

I am away tomorrow, Mrs. Southhorn is the guest teacher.

We've been working on procedural writing. Today, we are following groups' instructions on how to put on lipstick with volunteers.

Continue to work on adding with regrouping. A homework sheet will be coming home today, due on Monday.

Tuesday, Jan. 7

We have begun 3D solids in math. Students need to name (sphere, cylinder, prisms, pyramids,cube, etc), recognize, give real life examples of each. Do a house hunt for 2 examples of each. Cyclinders can be high like a big can of sauce, or very low and wide like a lid to a water bottle.

We are back to reading and writing procedures. 

Project letter sent home - NEXT WEEK your child has a presentation about a family or community tradition. Please read the letter and mark your calendars.

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